A better understanding of your body

In order to begin my blog, I thought that it would be a good idea to start by your body.

When I am talking about your body, I mean the type of body that you have. It is important to know yourself in order to eat and train properly. These types are called morphologies and there are 3 different types of morphologies.

However it is totally possible to have characteristics from several morphologies, as we are a mixture of different morhpologies. These morphologies rarely exist in the pure state as we are usually a mixture of different body type.



1st morphology: Ectomorph

Ectomorph is a common morphotype* characterized by a body with a thin build, muscle and fat. Ectomorphs people have a very important difficulty to gain weight, muscle or fat. In general, this body type is not able to take a high amount of athletic/training, as heavy amounts of weight training, cardio,..

*(all physical characteristics that define an individual through genetics).

The advantage of this body type is the minimal fat gain that you will have while trying to gain muscle. Because in general, this body type has a high metabolism*².

*²(all of the biochemical transformations that occur within the cell or organism).

2nd morpholory: Mesomorph 

The people with this body type are athletic and are characterized by a muscular frame with a low body fat. They don’t face much trouble losing fat and can also easily gain muscle. They also have a relatively high metabolism keeping their fat levels low.

3rd morphology: Endomorph

This body type is opposite to the Ectomorph, this type of body is more large and rounded. Usually the level of fat is high but they got more muscle than the Ectomorphs.

Endomorph people tend to have trouble losing weight and fat. However they gain muscle easier, but also fat at the same time. Most people with this body type have a slow metabolisme, which explains their high body fat.


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Picture source: http://www.all-musculation.com/musculation/types-morphologiques/

source: https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/wotw70.htm


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