A few tips to begin for the Ectomorphs

As an advice, starting to workout means going slowly and starting off easy on the intensity and weights of your training sessions. Trying to go faster than what your muscles can achieve won’t make you gain muscle mass faster. It is really important to take your time and to listen to your body. Trust me, I know that it can be very tempting to weight more or to push yourself to exercise too much, this is of course a really bad idea.

You will maybe injure yourself or be mentally stressed by wanting to do more, to overtrain your body, and then eventually begin doubting about your capacities.

Everybody can achieve what he believes in. Motivation, time and hard work is the key to reach your goals.



Ectomorphs can’t workout during a long period of time. Due to their high metabolism, it is difficult for them to endure long sessions of workout, because of their low fat level and their muscular mass. This is why your workout sessions need to be short.

I recommend you to do your workouts for maximum 1 hour. This is indeed a short period of time but this is why you need to stay focused and to intensify your workout after about 10 min. Working out under short periods of times, will promote muscular hypertrophy (promote muscle development).

To be consistent is really important, if you want to see the best outcome of your workouts. Your results won’t only depend on your training sessions. Your progression will also depend on your motivation to have a constant schedule. What I mean by that is that missing too much workouts, will have a big impact on your capacities and your performances will decrease.

I know that it is sometimes mentally and physically difficult to go to the gym, to workout at your home or even outside. This is why it is very important for you to listen to your body. It is hard to always be at your best form, but to stay motivated and to still go to your training activities is very important. What I do when I’m in those lows, I still go workout. But, I train less intensively and I train lighter.


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Picture source 1: https://www.pinterest.com/musculacaoectom/ectomorfas/

Picture source 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NWNRJwfBv0




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