Mesomorphs, here are a few tips for you

High intensity workouts are really important for this body type.

Certainly, mesomorphs can do most exercices and see results. But even talented athletes must be adaptable to rise in the long term. By changing some of your habits you will be able to maximilise your gains.


Train with a variety of repetition ranges, tempos, and methods. You may have started off with the typical 10-rep sets and 3-5 sets for your exercises. But breaking your old habits will help you to tap into the full spectrum of muscle fibers at your disposal, each begging for a new challenge.

No matter how much you need to change your orginal working scheme, you should frequently come back to the 5-8 repetition ranges with explosive repetitions. Your rapid contraction muscles will benefit from this while also improving muscle density and their overall capacity.

Weight lifting techniques will help you to thrive in your progress. They are great in order to boost intensity and overload your muscles to a greater extent. The more your muscles are under pressure, the stronger they will be and grow to respond to that extra stress that they will confront.

Now you will be able to hit the gym with, I hope new and better knowledge. Stay hungry guys, but do not eat all the weights!


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