Endomorphs, ready for a few tips ?

Endomorphs have the ability to build muscle quite fast, but can in the same way expense fat. This is why you need to take advantage of your abilities. Endomorphs are generally more suited in anaerobic exercices*¹, such as weight training. Anaerobic exercices don’t require endurance. These exercices are used to promote strength, speed,power and to build muscle mass.

*¹(is a physical exercise intense enough to cause lactate to form and provides you the energy required)

Aerobic activities*² on the other side, require more endurance and so will be less suited for Endomorphs.

*²(is physical exercise that depends on the use of oxygen to adequately meet energy demands during exercise via aerobic metabolism process)


Generally Endomorphs have significant muscle mass covered by fat, and their bodies are more suited to intensive musculation. For this reason, these types can usually start at higher intensities without risking overtraining their bodies.

This is a good thing. As everyone who is starting off, to train your recovery system and muscles is very important in order to better handle the stress of weight lifting. Don’t hurt yourself kids !

I guess most people are looking to achieve a good physique. The key to achieving such a body is dropping fat and preserving muscle.


Lifting weights while doing muscles is actually a great way to burn even more calories. It actually burns more calories than does cardio over a longer period of time (a few days), helping you to get quicker through your fat loss stage.

The longer you take time to finish the fat loss stage, the more you will lose muscle. To do weight lifting will help you to keep your muscles working. This will then allow you to begin your muscle gain program with higher intensity.

To burn even more calories, I would recommend you to do a short cardio session after your weight lifting workouts. Your cardio session must be relatively short and of high intensity, about 15 -20 minutes max. Therefore, very little muscle is burned. Also because it is highly intensive, its burns more calories than long 30-60 minute runs which a lot of people do when trying to lose fat.

After your workout, the glycogen stocked by your body will have been used as energy during the workout. So your body will look to burn fat in order to create energy.


You now know what to say to the fat: prepare to die ! And to your muscles: prepare to grow !


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Picture sources 2 & 3: https://www.nerdfitness.com/success-stories/


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