The main muscle groups of your body

Before starting to write articles about how to develop each muscle of your body, I wanted to show you each muscle group of the human body and the advantages of training each one of them. I hope that it will motivate you and help you to better prepare your workouts planning.




Each of these muscle groups have a special utility for our body.  These utilities are helping us in our daily  movements, works or tasks. This is why having a better knowledge of your body and knowing how to develop that muscle group or that muscle, will help you in your daily motor skills.

These mucle groups are made out of many different muscles from different shapes and sizes. This is why, by training and developping a muscle group, you will actually develop and train many different muscles (many exercices can train different muscle groups at once):

  1. Quadriceps: This muscle group is called quadriceps but more commonly called ‘quads’ because there are 4 huge muscles that comprise the front of your thigh. Exercising your quads can help you to burn more fat tissues and give you a better balance conditioning. To train your quadriceps strengthens the ligaments and tendons within your legs helping make your knees more stable and less susceptible to injury.
  2. Hamstrings: It is a huge muscle group on the back of your thighs. Many people never work them, yet they are the biceps of the lower body. Training your quadriceps means training your hamstrings in order to have a good muscular balance and so prevent from injuries. Your hamstrings serve as a decelerators, the ability to properly decelerate lowers the amount of pressure on the joints in your lower body and prevents injury. Strong hamstrings work to stabilize your hips and keep your spine properly aligne.
  3. Gluteal group: The Gluteal muscles is a group of three muscles which make up the buttocks. Glutes are important to maintain hip stability and optimal running posture. Strong glutes can provide more power with more consistency and so improve overall running speed.
  4. Gastrocnemius: The gastrocnemius muscles, generally known as the calf muscles, is a group of three major muscles. Yet it can be very tough to build if you were born with bad calf muscles genetics. The calf muscles are a constent key stage of propulsion and play an important pumping role in venous circulation. This is why it is important to build strong calf muscles. Long-term inactivity or leg paralysis will weaken the calf muscle pump and inhibit normal blood flow.
  5. Pectoral groups: Also currently called ‘chests’ or ‘pecs’, it is one of those ‘show off’ major muscle groups for men and women. Having strong pecs will improve your posture, increase your overall upper body strenght. They also improve your ability to push things. For women, strong pecs add height to the chest wall, lifting otherwise droopy breasts.
  6. Deltoids: Known as the shoulders, this muscle group is made out of 3 muscles. Training your shoulders and building strong shoulders will ease your arms movements. Every upper body exercice is using your shoulders muscles to a certain extent. This means that having strong shoulders will help you a lot, to progress even more faster.
  7. Triceps Brachii: The triceps are also an often overlooked muscle group. The triceps make up about 2/3 of the upper arm. Training your triceps will give you serious strenght in your arms and will help you to develop other muscles of your upper body with more ease.
  8. Biceps Brachii: The biceps only makes up about 1/3 of the upper arm and yet most people are focused on their biceps. But still, having strong biceps will help you to handle more weight and give you more endurance in your daily activities.
  9. Forearms: Not only do thicker, fuller and strong forearms give you a more aesthetically imposing look, but they increase your strength capacity in weightlifting exercises.
  10. Trapezius: The trapezius is the huge upper back muscle that makes a triangle shape with the point in the middle of your upper back.These neck and back muscles are one of the most used groups of muscles in the body because of the role they play in maintaining good posture, and lifting and moving the arms. Consequently, the trapezius muscle is prone to stress (this is particularly pronounced amongst people who spend long hours bent over desks or driving), however, regular stretching and exercise can reduce the discomfort caused by muscle pain and stress.
  11. Latissimus Dorsi: The latissimus Dorsi, also known as the ‘lats’ are large, flat muscles on the back that stretches to the sides. Working out your lats will give you a sculpted backside, keep your posture pristine, have a better stabilisation and you will be more strong.
  12. Abdominal muscles: The abs are a muscle group that will be visible if your body fat level is low enough. Working on your abs won’t burn the fat around the abs. Exercising them will make them stronger. To burn the fat, you need to eat healthy and be consistent on your cardio workouts. This will make your abs VISIBLE.
  13. Lower Back: The quadratus lumborum, known as the lower lumbar or lower back, is a muscle of the posterior abdominal wall. It is the deepest abdominal muscle. To prevent weihtlifting related injuries, it is very important to develop strong lower lumbar. It will significantly lessen your chances of doing severe damage to your body.
  14. Adductors: Lots of articles focus on the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. The adductors are just as important as the other lower body muscles. Training them will increase your overall strengh and the stability of your body. Train them too !

I hope that this article inspired you to workout every muscle group in your body and not to skip some workouts on some muscles. The next articles are going to be about specific workouts for each morphotypes so stay tunned !


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See you soon for another article, your healthful blogger in sports.






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