Endomorphs legs & abs workout

This leg and abs workout will work on the major muscle groups of your legs: quadriceps, gluteal group, adductors, hamstrings, gastrocnemius; and on your abdominal muscles.

But first, if you haven’t read my article “A better understand of your body” in the “your body” category; I would recommend you to. In order to know better about your morphotype and its charachteristics. Then, you should also not overlook the article called «Endomorphs weekly workout plan».

And now let’s start:

Some exercices will work different muscles at the same time, some will target specific muscles. A leg workout, also means that some part of your back (such as the erector spinae, or the lower back) will be under efforts. That’s why in the programs the backday never follows the legday.

For the following exercices, I will ask you to be very careful with the manipulations in order not to hurt yourself. What I am saying is that you constantly need to check if your back, from your lower lumbar to your neck is well positioned. Doing these exercices with a curved back or neck can result in back/neck pain, or other injuries even more serious.

Legs (quadriceps, gluteal group, adductors, hamstrings, gastrocnemius):

  1. Back Squat back-squat
  2. Deadlifts deadlift_1
  3. Romanian deadliftRomanian-Deadlift
  4. Hip cable extensionkneeling-cable-hip-extension
  5. The adductor inner thigh machineadductor-machine-at-la-fitness-2-1400x700
  6. Calf Extension/raises Bodyweight_Calf_Raises_F_WorkoutLabs

Abdominal muscles:

  1. Crunches Basic-Crunch_Exercise
  2. Bicycle crunchesbicycle-crunches-exercise2
  3. Hanging knee raisesHanging-Knee-Raise
  4. Side bendside-bend-dumbbells-step-step-instructions-stand-your-feet-hip-width-apart-holding-pair-your-sides-sideways-to-55457115
  5. Leg raiseslying-leg-raise-450x301lying-leg-raise-2-450x301
  6. Front plank 1min + side plank 30 sec each sidesfront_plankSide-Plank-Ben-2-crop

Each exercise will be explained in further articles.


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See you soon for another article, your healthful blogger in sports.




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