Ectomorphs Pectoral group & Back workout

Friday is for you, Ectomorphs; the day that will consist on working on your Pectoral group and your Back (latissimus dorsi + lower back).

But first, if you haven’t read my article “A better understand of your body” in the “your body” category; I would recommend you to. In order to know better about your morphotype and its charachteristics.

Then, you should also not overlook the article called «Ectomorphs weekly workout plan » in order to know your weekly workout plan.

And now let’s start:

Pectoral group:

  1. Incline Cable Flye imgs-inclinecableflye-inarticle
  2. Cable crossovercable-crossover
  3. Push-Upsf5a12f7fbcd52af8_Basic-Push-Up


  1. V-Bar PulldownV-Bar_Triangle_Bar_Lat_Pull_Downs-1
  2. Seated Cable Rowsseated-cable-rows
  3. T-Bar Row with Handlet-bar-rows-landmine-handles



Each exercise will be explained in further articles.


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See you soon for another article, your healthful blogger in sports.





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