Endomorphs back workout

Friday is for you, Endomorphs; the day that will consist on working on your Back (latissimus dorsi + lower back).

But first, if you haven’t read my article “A better understand of your body” in the “your body” category; I would recommend you to. In order to know better about your morphotype and its charachteristics.

Then, you should also not overlook the article called «Endomorphs weekly workout plan» in order to know your weekly workout plan.

And now let’s start:


  1. Wide-Grip Lat PulldownWide-Grip-Pulldowns
  2. Leverage Iso RowMDP-1005-Iso-Lateral-Low-Row-500x700
  3. T-Bar Row with Handlet-bar-rows-landmine-handles
  4. Hyperextensions (back extensions)backex_zps1f93bdb9

You can also add some weights in your hands if it’s too easy with your own body weight.


Each exercise will be explained in further articles.


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See you soon for another article, your healthful blogger in sports.





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