Warming up your body by following these exercises

Warming up before your training and workouts is always very important in order to avoid injuries. So dear readers and athletes, I am going to give you some warm up exercices that I am always doing before working out. I have learned most of these at university in different sport categories such as in athletics, gymnastics, volleyball, bodybuilding,.. Doing these warm up exercises really prepares your body for your following session no mather what your discipline is or activity.

Thus, some exercises are more appropriate for preparing your lower body, or your upper body, or even your overall body.

I would do these warm up exercises depending on the session that I would be doing. Anything related to using or working on your upper body means to follow the upper body warm up. It is the same for the lower body with the lower body warm up.

I always do the overall body warm up. But why, will you probably ask yourself. Doing the overall body warm up will: prepare your heart for the come up workout session and accelerate your heart rythm; this will increase the blood pressure in your body, allowing you to have a better blood difusion and a better oxygenation in the muscles.

Upper body warm up:

1. Front arm circles (10 times both arms, one at each time):



2. Back arm circles (10 times both arms, one at each time):



3. Wrist circles (10 times):




Lower body warm up:


4. Slow Skiping (20 seconds):


5. High Knees (20 seconds):


6. Bottom Kicks (Gluteal Kicks for 20 seconds):


7. Carioca (20 seconds):



Overall Body:

8. Jumping Jacks (10 times):


Burpees (10 times):




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