Standing Biceps Cable Curl

This arms exercise will work on the muscle groups of your arm: biceps brachii. Don’t hesitate to have a look on my other article “The main muscle groups of your body” if you don’t remember where these muscles are located.

How to perform the “Standing Biceps Cable Curl”:



Start by ..
Finding a cable machine and adjust the cable to the lowest setting, closest to the ground. Choose a straight bar accessory and hook it to the cable. Take the right bar with both hands, palms up. Straighten your abs.


While standing still with a straight back, elbows firmly closed to your sides, slowly curl the bar up to the finish position, a few inches from your chest.

Always make sure to maintain a proper body positioning and overall posture, with a straight back, chest out and shoulder backs. Don’t forget to lock your elbows. By following these advices you will have a correct technique in order to not hurt you.


If it is the first time that you are doing this exercise, I would recommend you to get used to the movements by doing Standing Biceps Cable Curl firstly with the minimum weight.


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